Sedona International Film Festival 81
Cooper and Hemingway:
The True Gen
USA | 2013 | 120 min • Documentary Feature
John Mulholland
Shannon Mulholland, Richard Zampella
Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, Robert
Osborne, Robert Stack, Sam Waterston (narrator)
In many ways it was the perfect match: Ernest
Hemingway whose heroes personified his definition
of courage — "grace under pressure" — and Gary
Cooper, the man who often portrayed those char-
acters on screen. Yet in other ways — politically, in-
tellectually, and personally — Hemingway and
Cooper were a study in contradictions. The story of
this extraordinary 20+ year friendship is the focus
of this documentary.
The film, narrated by Sam Waterson, features
interviews with such Hollywood luminaries as Kirk
Douglas, Charlton Heston, George Plimpton, and
Patricia Neal.
Ernest Hemingway is the most famous American
writer of the 20th Century. If you made up a charac-
ter like Ernest Hemingway, how many would be-
lieve it? The mercurial Hemingway left people
enchanted, hostile, endeared, confused, charmed,
bruised, bitter. To everyone, he was an extraordi-
nary, unforgettable presence.
In over 89 movies, Gary Cooper portrayed pioneer,
pilot, cowboy and soldier with charm and a succinct
stateliness. Gary Cooper was the tall, Western
American hero of 20th century film. In a 35-year
movie career, he became one of Hollywood's lead-
ing men, commanding the screen and public appeal
for decades.
Special appearance by Mariel Hemingway.
Thu 27 Feb | 8pm
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Total Running Time: 2:00:00
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