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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 119
My King
France | 2015 | 125 min • Narra!ve Feature
Alain A"al
Maïwenn, E!enne Comar
Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Louis
Garrel, Isild Le Besco
Admi"ed to a rehabilita!on center a#er a serious
ski accident, Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) becomes
dependent on the medical staff and pain relievers
while looking back on a turbulent rela!onship she
experienced with megalomaniac Georgio (Vincent
Who is this man that she loved so deeply, and how
did she allow herself to submit to this suffoca!ng
and destruc!ve passion?
For Tony, the physical work of healing may finally
set her free.
Tue, Feb 21 | 9pm
Harkins 1
Sun, Feb 26 | 9:15am
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 2:05
USA | 2016 | 85 min • Documentary Feature
Kim A. Snyder
Maria Cuomo Cole
Twenty months a#er the horrific mass shoo!ng in
Newtown, CT that took the lives of twenty elemen‐
tary school children and six educators on December
14, 2012, the small New England town is a complex
psychological web of tragic a#ermath in the wake
of yet another act of mass killing at the hands of a
disturbed young gunman. Kim A. Snyder's searing
"Newtown" documents a trauma!zed community
fractured by grief and driven toward a sense of pur‐
Filmed over the course of nearly three years, the
filmmakers use unique access and never before
heard tes!monies to tell a story of the a#ermath of
the deadliest mass shoo!ng of schoolchildren in
American history. Joining the ranks of a growing
club to which no one wants to belong, a cast of
characters interconnect to weave an in!mate story
of community resilience.
Preceded By:
USA | 2016 | 15 min • Narra!ve Short
Max Sokoloff
Jane Hollon
Daisygreen Stenhouse
Colin Ford, Dylan Riley Snyder,
When a high school misfit is taken hostage by a
classmate with a gun, he must find common ground
with the shooter in order to survive the perilous
Sat, Feb 18 | 12pm
Mary D. Fisher
Mon, Feb 20 | 12pm
Harkins 1
Total Running Time: 1:40
Navajo Math Circles
USA | 2016 | 59 min • Documentary Feature
George Csicsery
Navajo students engage in a lively collabora!on
with mathema!cians. Using concepts from Na!ve
culture and a unique student‐centered approach,
the project aims to spark interest in math and sci‐
ence and create greater educa!onal opportuni!es.
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Our Last Refuge
USA | 2016 | 24 min • Documentary Short
Daniel Glick
Casey Perkins
"Our Last Refuge" tells the story of the Badger‐Two
Medicine, the sacred homeland of the Blackfeet Na‐
!on of Montana, and the decades‐long struggle to
protect it from oil and gas explora!on.
The film features voices from all sides of the strug‐
gle — Blackfeet elders, local conserva!onists, and
even the law firm pushing for oil explora!on. All to‐
gether, they chronicle the epic saga of this unique
landscape, stretching back millennia, and the cur‐
rent legal challenge, the outcome of which could
determine the fate of sensi!ve and sacred lands na‐
One of the highest profile conserva!on struggles in
recent history, "Our Last Refuge" is the first in‐
depth telling of this cri!cal story at a moment in
!me when the stakes are at their highest.
Wed, Feb 22 | 6pm
Mary D. Fisher
Sat, Feb 25 | 3pm
Mary D. Fisher
Total Running Time: 1:23
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