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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 127
USA | 2015 | 81 min • Narra!ve Feature
Russ Emanuel
Howard Nash, Robert Kwartler
Julia Camara
Robert Picardo, Briana White, Michael
Pugliese, Chalet Lize"e Brannan, Chris Winters,
Sco" Brown
"Occupants" is a film about Annie Cur!s, an award‐
winning documentarian and her husband Neil.
Annie and Neil embark on a '30 Days of Clean Liv‐
ing' documentary, se$ng up cameras all over their
house to document, via the Internet, their new eat‐
ing habits. By doing so, half of their cameras cap‐
ture a parallel version of themselves — a version
that ul!mately unravels and threatens their very
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Beau!ful Dreamer
USA | 2016 | 26 min • Narra!ve Short
David Gaddie
Execu!ve Producer:
Declan Baldwin
David Gaddie, Quen!n Li"le
A dying mother travels at near‐light speed, stretch‐
ing !me to watch her daughter grow up.
Mon, Feb 20 | 9pm
Harkins 1
Thu, Feb 23 | 3:20pm
Harkins 6
Total Running Time: 1:47
Perfume War
Canada | 2016 | 95 min • Documentary Feature
Michael Melski
A single mom, Barb Stegemann, creates an unlikely
weapon in the fight for world peace a%er her best
friend — a soldier, Captain Trevor Greene — is axed
in the head by a terrorist. Only now she finds herself
in the ba"le of her life taking on corporate giants.
So she creates a new way to fight for peace – Per‐
fume. And with it, a worldwide movement that has
transformed lives not only in Afghanistan, but
Rwanda, Hai! and the Middle East. As well as that
of her best friend, Trevor.
"Perfume War" is a David and Goliath tale about a
start‐up social enterprise that rebuilds lives and
empowers peace, inspired by one of the Afghan
War’s most tragic vic!ms. With an in!mate and
personal emo!onal core, it’s also an interna!onal
story about a new way of figh!ng war: Not with
weapons, but with compassion and ideas. This is
the story of Barb and Trevor. The arc of their endur‐
ing connec!on is from hardship to catastrophe,
through painful rebuilding, to finally transforming
yourself and the world.
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Striking Eyes
USA | 2014 | 16 min • Narra!ve Short
Ryan Kjolberg
Evon Ferguson, Ma" Iseminger
Ryan Kjolberg, Will Hirsch
Miah Gonzales, Sam Allen
In the months following the end of WWII, an Ameri‐
can Soldier must confront his past while aboard a
train leaving Germany.
Sun, Feb 19 | 12:20pm
Harkins 6
Tue, Feb 21 | 6:15pm
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:51
USA | 2015 | 70 min • Documentary Feature
Jorge Caballero Ramos
Carol Ann Figueroa Rueda
"Pa!ent" is the word used for those following med‐
ical instruc!ons or for the moment we need to
calmly wait. Colombia is a country where the in‐
clement Health System obligates its users to con‐
front absurd bureaucra!c obstacles for them to
obtain service.
A "Pa!ent" is not only the person who suffers an ill‐
ness hoping for recovery but also the person who
provides personal care to the ill, figh!ng daily to
warrantee what's needed for his or her loved one.
Nubia is a "Pa!ent", a mother head of family, that
regardless the fear of loosing her daughter from a
cancer, she manages to firmly overcome the
labyrinths established by the Health System proce‐
dures, which are the only hope for her daughter.
Mon, Feb 20 | 9pm
Mary D. Fisher
Sun, Feb 26 | 9am
Mary D. Fisher
Total Running Time: 1:10
Oscars on the Rocks
Enjoy Tinseltown's brightest stars on Hollywood's
biggest night LIVE — right here in Sedona on
Sunday, Feb. 26! Join in the fun and fes!vi!es at
"Oscars on the Rocks", the official spot to catch the
Academy Awards on the big screen.
You will feel like you are right in the midst of the Oscar
ac!on — now showing at TWO fes!val loca!ons: the
Mary D. Fisher Theatre and Harkins Theatres. Roll out
the red carpet, make your Oscar picks and join your
fellow movie‐lovers for a night out on the town!
Sun, Feb 26 | 6pm
Harkins 1
Sun, Feb 26 | 6pm
Mary D. Fisher
Total Running Time: 4:00:00
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