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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 135
Pushing Dead
USA | 2016 | 111 min • Narra!ve Feature
Tom E. Brown
Execu!ve Producer:
Ian Reinhard
Chris Mar!n, Richard LaGravenese
Danny Glover, James Roday, Robin Weigert
When a struggling writer, HIV posi!ve for 20+
years, accidentally deposits a $100 birthday check,
he is dropped from his health plan for earning too
much. In this new era of sort‐of universal care, can
he take on a helpless bureaucracy or come up with
$3000 a month to buy meds on his own?
While "Pushing Dead" offers an insider’s view of
one man’s life with AIDS, it’s also a universal story
of people finding ways to love first then live with
the rela!onship later. From the o$eat to the
painfully banal, the struggles of coping with mortal‐
ity are explored in a film about being strengthened
by a challenge, not weakened by a disease.
Wed, Feb 22 | 9:10am
Harkins 2
Sat, Feb 25 | 9pm
Mary D. Fisher
Total Running Time: 1:51
Real Boy
USA | 2016 | 72 min • Documentary Feature
Shaleece Haas
"Real Boy" is the coming‐of‐age story of Benne%
Wallace, a transgender teenager on a journey to
find his voice — as a musician, a friend, a son, and a
man. As he navigates the ups and downs of young
adulthood, he works to gain the love and support of
his mother, who has deep misgivings about her
child’s transi!on. Along the way, Benne% forges a
powerful friendship with his idol, Joe Stevens, a cel‐
ebrated transgender musician with his own demons
to fight.
Preceded By:
Who I Am
United Kingdom | 2016 | 18 min • Narra!ve Short
Director/Execu!ve Producer/Producer/Writer:
Monika Wilczynska
Adele James, Paul O'Dea
“Who I Am” is a drama short film tackling the sub‐
ject of iden!ty in rela!onship to religion from the
perspec!ve of a young transgender teenager.
Tue, Feb 21 | 3pm
Mary D. Fisher
Thu, Feb 23 | 6:20pm
Harkins 6
Total Running Time: 1:30
A Quiet Passion
United Kingdom/Belgium | 2016 | 126 min
Narra!ve Feature
Terence Davies
Roy Boulter, Sol Papadopoulos
Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Keith Carradine,
Jodhi May, Duncan Duff
The great and singular 19th‐century poet Emily
Dickinson requires a one‐of‐a‐kind filmmaker to tell
the story of her life, and in Terence Davies she has
found a soulmate. The film follows the poet from
her rebellious college days to her increasingly reclu‐
sive life in the bosom of her family, eventually to
her painful death.
As Dickinson, Cynthia Nixon gives a career‐defining
performance that captures the acerbic wit, fero‐
cious independence and increasing bi%erness of a
woman whose genius went unrecognized in her
"A Quiet Passion" is a film of both scathing social
sa!re and tragic grandeur.
Mon, Feb 20 | 6:10pm
Harkins 2
Sun, Feb 26 | 9am
Harkins 1
Total Running Time: 2:06
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