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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 155
This Beau!ful Fantas!c
United Kingdom/USA | 2016 | 92 min
Narra!ve Feature
Simon Aboud
Execu!ve Producers:
Iliane Ogilvie Thompson,
Jennifer Levine, Phil Hunt, Norman Merry, Peter
Hampden, Compton Ross
Andrea Iervolino, Monika Barcardi,
Chris!ne Alderson, Kami Naghdi, Ma" Treadwell
Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Wilkinson,
Andrew Sco", Anna Chancellor, Jeremy Irvine
"This Beau!ful Fantas!c" is a contemporary fairy‐
tale revolving around the most unlikely of friend‐
ships between a reclusive, agoraphobic young
woman with dreams of being a children’s book au‐
thor and a curmudgeonly old widower.
Bella Brown is a beau!fully quirky young woman
who dreams of wri!ng and illustra!ng a successful
children’s book. Despite her abandonment as a
child, the all consuming OCD, the unfulfilled dream,
her awful boss at the library and her paralyzing fear
of flora and fauna, Bella is down but not out. She
has a spark, an edge, a talent and a voice that we
can feel from the get go. This girl has a preternatu‐
ral survival ins!nct, having been found in Hyde Park
in the middle of winter as a baby.
When Bella is forced by her landlord to deal with
her neglected garden or face evic!on, she meets her
nemesis, match and mentor in Alfie Stephenson — a
cantankerous, loveless, rich old man who lives next
door and is an amazing hor!culturalist.
Sun, Feb 26 | 9am
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Total Running Time: 1:32
Toni Erdmann
Germany | 2016 | 162 min • Narra!ve Feature
Maren Ade
Maren Ade, Jonas Dornbach, Janine
Jackowski, Michel Merkt
Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek, Michael
Nominated for the Academy Award for Best
Foreign Language Film!
A prac!cal‐joking father tries to reconnect with his
hard working daughter by crea!ng an outrageous
alter ego and posing as her CEO's life coach.
Looking to reconnect with his distant, career‐fo‐
cused daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller), Winfried
(Peter Simonischek) tries spending some !me with
her. But when that leaves him feeling frustrated, he
decides to take another tack — inser!ng himself
into her life by posing as a work colleague in a wig
and fake teeth. Is he trying to embarrass Ines or re‐
vive the spark between them?
Mon, Feb 20 | 6pm
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Total Running Time: 2:42
USA | 2016 | 96 min • Documentary Feature
Keith Maitland
Megan Gilbride, Keith Maitland, Susan
P. Thomson
August 1, 1966 was the day our innocence was shat‐
tered. A sniper rode the elevator to the top floor of
the iconic University of Texas Tower and opened fire,
holding the campus hostage for 96 minutes in what
was a previously unimaginable event. The film high‐
lights the fear, confusion, and visceral reali!es that
changed the lives of those present, and the rest of
us, forever — a day when the worst in one man
brought out the best in so many others.
Wed, Feb 22 | 12pm
Harkins 1
Fri, Feb 24 | 9pm
Harkins 1
Total Running Time: 1:36
To Keep The Light
USA | 2015 | 88 min • Narra!ve Feature
Erica Fae
Erica Fae, Jane Applegate
An$ Reini, David Patrick Kelly, Meagen Fay,
Wass Stevens, Gabe Fazio, Jarlath Conroy, Erica Fae
Inspired by true stories, a lighthouse keeper’s wife
struggles with her work and her sanity as she cares
for her sick husband in 19th century Maine. When
a mysterious stranger washes up on shore, secrets
buried in deep waters come to light, and she is
forced to confront both her past and her future.
Working in isola!on and under extreme condi!ons,
these women — who inherited their jobs from in‐
firm or deceased husbands or fathers — were trail‐
blazers, embodying feminism long before the word
existed and far afield from the urban, intellectual
circles that spawned the women's rights move‐
ment. Shot off the coast of northern Maine, "To
Keep the Light" paints a landscape of stark, aching
beauty, and reveals the inner life of a woman who
is, literally and figura!vely, at the edge of society.
Preceded By:
Canada | 2016 | 18 min • Narra!ve Short
Riel Stone
Execu!ve Producer:
Jefferson Mappin
Jordana Aarons, Sebas!an Barriuso
Andrew Gillies, Mary Krohnert
Based on Margaret Atwood’s poem “Half‐hanged
Mary” and on true events that took place in 1685,
in Hadley, Massachuse"s, "ROPEd" is a short dra‐
ma!c film about a fiercely independent woman, a
healer by trade and a landowner, who is con‐
demned by her neighbors to die by hanging. When
the townspeople gather to take Mary down from
the tree, they will make a startling discovery, one
that will haunt them to their graves.
Sun, Feb 19 | 3:10pm
Harkins 2
Tue, Feb 21 | 9:20am
Harkins 6
Total Running Time: 1:46
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