23rd Sedona International Film Festival - page 179

Special Thanks To:
Film Festival Technical Team
John Snow, Technical Director
Jay Pregent, Projectionist
Shane Richins, Projectionist
Cherie Rivers, Projectionist
Eric Self, Projectionist
Jeremy Spracklen, Projectionist
Aliya McLaughlin, Filmmaker Liaison
John Conway, Print Traffic Coordinator
Marcia Kawa, Print Traffic/Crew Mom
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Tech Team
Toby Payne, Technical Director
Jared Payne, Technical Director
Wes Sullivan, Projection
Cole Hickcox, Projection
Shane Wallace, Projection
Lidean Aliit, Projection
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Jeremy Ferguson, Technical Director
Poster Artist, Banners and Signage
Graphic Design/Marketing
Mark Short, Sedona Advertising
Print Services
PrismaGraphic — Phoenix
Publicist, Marketing, Media
Steve Carr, The Kur Carr Group, Inc.
Festival Ticketing System
Agile Ticketing Solutions
Shane Burkett and Hope Biber
Film Submissions Management
Pat and Chris McFaul
Ocean Bluff Pruductions
Festival Website Host
Jim Teece and Project A
Special Assistance:
Sharon and Ed Hubly
Ann Wenzel
Barb Schweiss
Roger Wiedl
Audrey Rath
Alan Heider
Christina Schweiss
Talk of the Town Events
Samyo Shannon
Charles Carter
Debbie Beggs ‐ Classic Party Rentals
Tré Visio Productions
Program Advertising Sales & Design
Tom Carroll, Advertising Sales Director
Karen Hefley, Advertising Sales
Pam Brown, Advertising Graphic Design
Mark Short, Advertising Graphic Design
Special thanks to:
Elizabeth Schweiss — proofreader,
festival support and extra special help
Thanks to our
incredible volunteers!
We appreciate your dedication and positive attitudes and
energy — during the festival and all year long! We couldn’t
do it without you.
Thanks to the many volunteers who worked so hard all festival
weekend as Theatre Crew, Booth Communicators, Theatre
Hosts, Greeters, Sales, Floaters, Parking Staff and more! And
thanks to the incredible volunteer team at our Mary D. Fisher
Theatre all year long!
We truly appreciate you all! You are all the heart of our festival!
Film Selection and Screening Committee
We thank all of our dedicated and talented screeners who have
weeded through nearly 1,300 film submissions and selected the
best films to present in our lineup.
Connie Levinson, Keri Oskar & Denise Strubbe
Program Directors
Beverly Bourne
Janet Brown
Rob Burson
Jeff Dunn
Suzie Dunn
Kathleen Dusek
Judy Feldman
Marty Feldman
Andrew Field
Gary Glenn
Cliff Gold
Jerry Hartleben
Jeff Hughes
Susan Hughes
Denise Israel
Sheila Jackman
Judy Jarvis‐Corcoran
Patty Juda
Susan Loveless
Marc Maddux
Joe Montedonico
Lynne Montedonico
Joy Sinnott
Sandy Wade
Dottie Webster
Dick Weisbaum
Shanin Dockrey
Ali Nidzgorski
Ron Melmon
Tonya June Moore
Chris Halstead
Angelo Lamarco
Shyam Bhoraniya
Beverly Nabours
Carol Kahn
Film Fes!val Media Produc!ons Team
Jeremy J. Hawkes, Producer • Daniel Hochstein, InTown TV
Bryan Reinhart and Ben Fama Jr., Technical Directors
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