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Look how we’ve
... again ... and again!
We thank all of these members and invite you to join our film festival “family”!
AUTEURS ‐ $5,000 +
MARQUEE ‐ $10,000 +
Lydia Delventhal
Bill and Carol Adams
William and Sandra Chiles
David andMary Jo Christensen
Gary Cortes
Linda Goldenstein
Howard and Jan Hendler
Beverly Hurff and EarleWeatherwax
ChuckMarr and Gloria Joslin
Roy and Patty Juda
Patrick Kling
Bill and Justine Kusner
Mary Lalli andWilliam Stankey
Paul and De Anna Lehnen
Marc Maddux
Bruce K. and Janet L. Misamore
Judy Neiman
Carol Prough
Alan and Alice Sheldon
Craig and Susan Sigler
Scott and Bonnie Simonton
Gerald andMichelle Snyder
Debbie and Jim Strassman
Jay and Sheri Young
DIRECTOR ‐ $2,500 +
Rose Borne
Bill and Susan Cammock
Jim Doyle and Paula Miller
Greg and Wendy Fickbohm
Jeff & Debra Fleeger
Saul & Dorthe Galli
William Johnson and Debbie Johnson
Michael Rudder and Michael Moser
Judy and Joe Reddington
Gerry and Glenys Wilson
Julie A. Zabilski
The Sedona International School for Animal &Nature Communication ‐ Maia Kincaid Ph.D.
Syd Cushman
FILM STAR ‐ $50,000 +
Daryl Kling and Lewis Guthrie
Donalyn Kling
Donalyn Mikles
INDIE ANGEL ‐ $25,000 +
Mary D. Fisher
Vicki Gumm
Connie Levinson
Peter and Kathy Wege
PRODUCER ‐ $1,200 +
Rob and Pat Berry
John and Karen Dansby
Karen Dunlap
Janet & Peter Fagan
Howard and Lois Kimel
Gary and Laura Maurer
Warren and Patsy Zeitlin
Evelyn Albu and Myrna Goldstein
Mr. &Mrs. Jim Ambler
Marsha and Steve Amon
Roberto and Victoria Ancis
Marty and Mary Aronson
Barbra Barker and Jeff Schlamb
Larry Cepek and Joyce Recek
Polly and Bill Cullen
Rick Delery and Vince Dees
Mario Etzler‐Christianson & Ryah Taylor
Denny and Mary Ann Fanter
Chris Feldt and Peter Hohn
Lorraine L. Fexas
John and Mary Ann Freeman
Randy Fridley and Linda Roemer
Debra Gallaway &Wayne Safka
Renee Haas and John Westman
Eric and Susan Henkels
Inge Hilberg
Lew and Nancy Hoyt
Bryan and Annette Hubble
Nancy Husby
Sheila Jackman, Ph.D.
James and Diana Kemper
Martin and Ann‐Marie Kraus
Jawn McKinley & John Neville
Joe and Lynne Montedonico
Peter and Caroline Morse
Gwen Ortmeyer
Jan Oswald
Dennis and Pat Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Paetkau
Rosh Preuss
Tammie Quinlan
Kandy & Daniel Shaoul
David and Isabel Simmer
Ellen Simon and Blaine Tanner
Margaret Joy Weaver
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