23rd Sedona International Film Festival - page 23

Michael and Hannah Abrahamson
Susan Adams
Rob and Christine Adams
Lorraine Adesso
Les and Gracer Adler
Charles Aeby and Claudia Taylor Aeby
Jane Alsobrook and Gerard Maguire
Barbara Lemen and Keith Althoff
Harold and Angie Amsbaugh
Tim and Heidi Anderson
Brad and Deborah Andrews
Dave and Amy Andrews
Christine Whitley and Peter Angerbauer
David and Vivi Arnatt
Randy and Susan Arnold
Gary and Pat Balke
Ed and Mei Wei Wong‐Barattini
Randall and Colleen Barcus
John Rosenthal and Maryann Barkus
David and Joann Barron
Al and Jean Barton
Belinda and Greg Batie
Dr. Robert and Teri Bays
Chris Bein
Carole and Wade Bell
Sue Belskus
William and Frances Beltz
Elaine and William Belvin
Toby Friedman and Mark Berliant
Bernard Kling and Wendy Bialek‐Kling
John and Jean Biggers
Mark Bily and Carolyn Kavanagh
Tom Bird
Ron and Louise Bishop
Don and Bonnie Blackmore
Peter Bloomer and Mary Mulcahy
Ben and Pamela Boal
William Boone & Pam Hoover
Beverly Bow and Donald Fries
James B. Bowen and Jeanette Weeks
Doug Bowen and Jay Rowles
Allen and Claire Boyd
Gary Boyer and Liz Grobsmith
Jim Boylan and April Joy
James Bradley
Carl and Jo‐Ann Breitmaier
Bob Brill
Richard and Patti Broad
David Hull
Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Brothers III
Ric Brown and Rosemary Papa
Stephany Brown and Donn Johnson
Michael and Denise Brownstein
Tom and Judy Brundage
Harry and Marsha Bunn
Brent and Lynn Burch
Shelley Burke and Al Nemoff
Ron and Suzanne Burkey
Joanne Burns and Paul Warren
Allen Button and Judith Daniel
Ken Sheetz, BuzzBroz
Mary Byrd
Vincent and Lynda Calabrese
Babbie and Stu Cameron
Holli Ploog & Bert Campbell
Stan & Gail Carlson
Joan Carney and Jenny Rardin
Tom Carroll and Karen Hefley
Leslen Productions
Maude Carson
James and Celeste Cates
Henry and Marguerite Chaikin
George Weiss and Nancy Chandler
Sai Chang
Rob Portil & Adryanna Ciera
Drew & Coco, Russ Lyon/
Sotheby's International Realty
James and Ellen Close
Deborah Mainville‐Knight
Dr. Neil and Bonny Singer
Joe and Sandi Connellan
John Conway
Judy Cooper & Barney Tumey
Linda Cooper/Norman Taylor
John and Judy Corcoran
Robert and Patricia Corrington
The Cota Family
Michael Cothren and Susan Lowry
Charles Cottle
Dr J Cranfill
John and Veronika Crawford
Michael D Cugini
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Currivan
Chandler Thompson and Pauline Curry
James and Daysy Curry
Anita Dalton
Forrest Davis and Kimberly Miles
Carol and Charlie Decker
Ed and Ellen Del Vecchio
Judy Themer
Joel and Amy Sue DeTar
James and Gail Digate
Dr. & Mrs. Naishad Doctor
Jeff Dolan and Susan Kliewer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donze
Rose Dopplick
Thom Dougherty and Jane Hausner
Thea Draaisma and John Glascock
Mark and Helen Ducharme
Jeff and Suzie Dunn
Dan & Eileen Durand, Trailhead Tea
Susan Edgar
Eric & Kim Edwards
Helen and Gene Egan
Joel Ekstrom and Mary Railsback
Jackie Ellis and Donna Michaels
Martyne Emanuel and Paul Marshall
Dwight and Susie Engdahl
Mary JaneThompson&LawenceEngebretson
Eric and Ellen Englestein
Ron and Jennifer Epperson
Richard Evnen & Kim Heier
Rebekah Fairlight
Judith Faram and Ron J. Wachal
Jeff and Theresa Felzenberg
Dan Fendell and Michele Fendell
Alan Wolton & Danny Fitzpatrick
Anton Fleig and Margarita Paez
Kelly Rowe and Paul Flikkema
Jim Floyd and Larry Wolfe
Jim Fortier
Linda Fortner and Geraldine Littlewood
Pam and John Frazier
Paul Friedman & Tanya Mayer
Stan and Lauren Friedman
Tim Fuller and Robin Hiller
Adele Furby and Charlie Jonas
Virginia Parry
Steve and Tallulah Furtney
Don Gage Family
Richard. and Dr. Carol Gandolfo
Maya Robledo and Ronnie Garcia
Steven and Dolores Gardner
Cheryl and William Geffon
Peter and Rita Gendron
Vimala Sperber and Ben Ghalmi
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Gill
David Gill & Betty Loos
Andre Gilomen
Ryan Gilson
Gary Godding and Christopher Warzynski
Deandra Gordon
Linda & Robb Gordon
Johnnie and Nzingha Gordon
Tom and Sue Gould
Paul Graham and Janice Graham
Dr. and Dr. R. Gramatovici
Will Graven & Susan Morley
Arthur and Suzanne Green
Ann Massey & Todd Greenwald
Greg and Becky Griffin
Dr. Roy and Michelle Grimm
Donald and Jan Groves
Fernando Guerrero and Sherrie Spendlove
Sue and Jerry Haan
Scott and Gail Haebich
Norman and Susan Hall
Rick and Anne Harroun
Shaeri Richards & Jerry Hartleben
Dr. and Mrs. Craig S. Hartley
Jeff and Irina Harvey
Thomas Hauber
Loren and Jessica Haury
Tony and Cindy Hauserman
Dennis and Pat Healy
Jim & Edie Heath
Richard & Marie Helt
Karen and Richard Herring
Nancy Hill
Connie & Howard Hinsdale
Curtis and Victoria Hinsley
Art and Joanne Hiscox
Mr and Mrs Hugh Hoglan
Paul and Deborah Holbrook
Paula Holcomb
Robert Hornbeck and Gary Jones
Hassan & Charlotte Hosseini
Lorie Librande
David Hoye and Mary Murphy‐Hoye
Susie and Jeff Haas
David and Clare Isquith
Louisa Jaskulski
Ken and Jill Jepson
Seymour & Judith Joseph
William and Patricia Jump
Fern and Larry Kane
Deb and Andy Karpek
Mr & Mrs Gregory Kazmierczak
L K Keil
Karen Keller
Paul and Jane Kelly
Helen A. Kennedy
Roger and Delores Kiel
Gary and Julienne Kincaid
Bob and Patsy Kittredge
Bill and Pam Klauser
Peggy and Dieter Knecht
Bud & Pat Kofron
Bob and Sally Kohrs
Perry and Carole Krowne
Joe and Sonya Landholm
George and Sybil Larney
Richard and Dawn Lau
Rene Restaurant
Nancy Lehman
Chris Leishman
Drs. Steve and Cynthia Leshin
Frank Leupold
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Levine
Bob & Judy Lewis
Larry and Wendy Lindahl
Paul Lindberg
Sylvia & Marty Linde
Marshall Locke and Diane Nadeau
Wes and Susan Lockwood
Stan & Sue Loft
Pat & Jim Loomis
Mike and Patricia Lorenzen
Ron & Kay Maassen
Demetri Wagner and Jane MacKenzie
Marlene and Pat Maddalone
Betsy and Giulio Maestro
Rob Maggio and Sean Carrel
Brian And Sue Makoff
Gail & Glenn Mann
Anthony and Darlene Maramarco
Eric Marcus & Su Petersen
Anthony and Jeannie Marini
The Matthews Family
Sergio & Lora Mazza
Eugene and Jackie McCarthy
Scott & Margery McFeely
Joseph and Sarah McGarry
James and Kristine McInnis
Dave and Mary McKell
Nancy Ruby
Ron & Nancy Lee Melmon
Eric and Renee Mendelsohn
Regina Meredith
New Directions in Consulting, Inc.
Susan & Mike Milligan
Lilly Miskatovic
Jim and Heather Molans
Jay and Gail Moore
Jan Munn
Rolf and Patricia Murchison
Chuck and Chalyce Murray
Anne Vaccaro and David Myers
Bob and Peggy Natiello
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nelson
Sally and Lance Nelson
Don and Doris Nielsen
Tom and Mary Beth Nowak
Deb and Tom Nye
Jeni and Mike O'Callaghan
Janet and Jim Oliver
Frank and Darlene Orminski
Michael and Margarita Palmer
Berry Parsons & Rip Rodriguez
John and Kristen Patton
Toby and Deborah Payne
Stanley and Suzanne Penzotti
Norris and Carolyn Peterson
Hillie Triebess and Paul Picchiottino
Kimberly Plotkin
Dina and Dick Pohanish
Mark and Donna Pollard
Joan and Paul Prefontaine
Mark and Bridget Pruss
Tim and Diana Pryer
Ron and Donna Ramsey
John and Kim Rand
Jim and Judy Reichert
Mr and Mrs. Fred Remington
Ethel Stears and Robert Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Richardson
Kathy Risdal and Jon Risdal
Larry and Deanna Robbins
Sue Robinson & Bob Gallagher
Lance and Barbara Robinson
Lyn and Russ Rockas
Jack and Camilla Ross
Drs. Alan & Rebecca Rubin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rue
Cora Ruhr
James and Leslie Sarn
David and Lucy Schaack
Florence and Jennifer Schauffler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schrandt
Ken Schwagerman
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schwartz
Shari Scott
Linda and John Scott
Sue and Pat Shannon
Mr.& Mrs. LG Shirk
Avaniel Shively and Joni Shuman
Gerrie & Terry Sidwell
Jessica Sierra
Bud and Gail Simpson
Jack and Sue Ann Singer
Jan and Dick Sitts
Annshirley and Richard Smith
Robert and Judi Smith
Shirlee J Snyder
Phil and Linda Spellman
Ann & John Steinbrunner
Robert and Cheryl Steinkamp
Marc Sterling and Tommy Stovall
Hal Stern
Reba Stone
Donald and Mark Stonebaker
Robert & Linda Storms
Ernie and Karen Strauch
Jay Stuckey
Keith and Rose Sturgess
Linden and Donna Sturgis
Stan Uber and Patricia Sumstine
John and Carolyn Taggart
Jan & Tony Taylor
Rick and Karen Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. William Telkowski
Andrea and John Terhune
Sharon Thaler
Diane and Richard Thomas
Bill and Meri Thomason
Felicia and Jon Thompson
Leo and Theresa Towle
Sam and Rosanne Troia
Rosemary Turano
Ronnie Gale & Marilyn Dale Turbane
Barron and Brynn Unger
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Valentine
Laura Van House
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vendrasco
Villegas Landscaping
Keith & Barbara Vincent‐Oswald
Mrs. Stephanie Vnuk
von Hoetzendorff Family
Beate and Klaus von Stuterheim
Linda Voorhis, Verde Valley Vegans,
Ahimsa Wellness LLC
Ruth and John Waddell
Dr and Mrs Lawrence F Waldman
David and Jade Walsh
Libby & Bernard Weiner
Cyn & Dick Weisbaum
Patricia Welter
Jerry and Sharon Wesch
John and Nancy Jo Wesnitzer
Geri & Mark Whaley
Robert and Ruth Wheaton
Patsy and Mike Whelan
Judd and Jennifer White
Sara White
Mr. and Mrs. AndrewWilcox
Bill and Joyce Williams
Don and Carla Williams
Godfrey and Joanne Williams
Diane Willian
Ron and Marisa Wilson
David & Debbie Wnuk
James Allen Woodman and Kim Corey
Drs. Howard and Elaine Young
Nancy and Ken Zoll
Membership List continued on Page 20
Dreama and Fletcher Aldredge
Greg and Mulika Alexander
Susie Anderson
Elisa Andreis, Russ Lyon Sotheby's Intl Realty
Paul Newell & Susan Andresen
Bob and Sharon Angelo
Bob Arehart and Jim Buchanan
Bill Armstrong and Margaret Tyndall
Barbara Toberg and Paul Bahlinger
Bill and Sharon Baridon
Jennette and David Bill, DDS
Lin and Gerry Blasi
Charlie and Pat Blum
Kennard and Katherine Bork
Stephanie Brand and Mark Elder
Andrew J. Field & Janet Brown
Chris and David Brushwood
George and Connie Bryant
Dennis and Cheryl Cassady
Cathy Chess
Robert Cleland and Helen Knoll
Hugh and Connie Coble
Carole Coburn
Magdalena Castillo‐Cockrum and Ward
Nancy and Bob Cohen
Robert Colman
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Connolly
Corrie and Oliver Cooperman
Cindy Correll
Philip and Camille Cox
Ann Crossland and Nancy Heyser
Dick and Misty Curtis
Emile and Trish Daher
Jack and Terry Drucker
Sabina Dunton
Marie Tartar and Steve Eilenberg
Cyrus and Phyllis Elliott
Dave and Marcia Ellis
Richard Factor and Karen Rosen
Jeff and Marci Feerer
Marty and Judy Feldman
Ellen & Rick Ferreira
Patricia Ann Fisher
Florence Flynn and Glenn Snyder
John and Sheron Foster
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gassner
Norman and Marsha Geddes
Andre and BakeR Gendron
Margie Gershtenson
Karen Graves and Gary Gilliland
Mr. Ken Watson
Marty and Lisa Glinsky
Russell and LeAnna Goldstein
David and Alice Goodhart
Matthew Goodwin
Stan and Sally Gorski
Elliott Greenberg and Gayle Hart
Jolynn & Gary Greenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffin
Chuck and Elaine Gunderson
Ed & Adrienne Hanley
Steve and Christa Hansen
Jay & Rojon Hasker
Jan and Margaret Herbst
John and Gail Heyer
Margaret Hinrichsen and Mary Wills
Paul and Helen‐Marie Holmgren
Jeffrey Rohm
Dr Del A Hudson and John J Perfetti
Suzanne Hussey
Martha Mertz and Edward Ingraham
Denise and Giora Israel
Piya Jacob and William Kincaid
Gotfred Jacobsen and Lois Neville
Robin Lunkley and Cindy Kamm
Michael King and Gloria King
Kathy Kinsella and Chris Seeholzer
Frederick Kraus
Birgitta Ledbetter
Barbara & Gary Livermont
Tudy and Jennifer Longmire
Susan and Richard Loveless
Rabbi Alicia and Ike Magal
Barry Maketansky
Sybil & Henry Melody
Dean and Ginna Martin
Janice & Bill McCaffrey
Daniel and Ranate McKnight
Tom and Linda Turner
Wendy & Raul Meoz
Mead and Diane Metcalf
Edwin Southwell and Catherine Moore
Phil and Pamela Morris
James and Linda Muir
Skip & Darleene Nelson
Carl and Patty Nelson
Joe Carl Parsons
Ruthie and Roger Parsons
Windy Perkins
Jon & Terri Petrescu
Rhoda and Charley Pitcher
Ernie and Lynn Pratt
Lori Reinhold
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Ritter
Paula and Phil Roark
Richard & Dawn Ruehs
Mr. Brian Smith and Mrs. June Santos‐Smith
Barbara Schlenoff
Karen Schrock
Mike and Christine Schroeder
Betty and Alice Schultz
Irwin and Yvonne Sheer
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shepard
Steve & Glenda Snyder
Chuck and Linda Spiro
Robin and Joel Staadecker
Bobbie and Harvey Stearn
Thomas and Jan Sweitzer
William Toedter
Tony & Diane Troianello
Lora and Angelo Trujillo
Mike Ulissey and Gretchen Van Tassel
Filiberto and Maryanne Vega
Sandra and Stewart Wade
Lon and Margi Walters
Jacqueline Weems
Donna Werner
Tom & Gretchen Yager
Mary & Mike Yarbrough
Donald and Sally Yeager
Joe and Janice Yewdell
Suzette Young
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