23rd Sedona International Film Festival - page 26

The Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val is ini!a!ng an Endowment Fund that
will allow us to con!nue to offer high quality programming to our community,
members, partners and supporters. Our goal is to raise $5 million in a
permanent endowment fund to sustain the future of the Film Fes!val and the
Mary D. Fisher Theatre. Monies donated to this fund will be held separately
from regular dona!ons and will be professionally managed. This will ensure
that future genera!ons con!nue to experience the cultural, thought‐provoking,
s!mula!ng events that have become the backbone of our programming and a
staple for our community.
One of the ways you can help our fund grow is to make us part of your estate
plan. Dona!ons may be made at any !me, but a legacy gi$ offers a las!ng
commitment. Gi$s may be made in someone's honor or memory and may be
earmarked for a specific purpose. Nearly all bequests are tax advantageous.
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