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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 35
The Sedona Film Fes!val is proud to pres‐
ent a cabaret‐style performance by Emmy
Award winner Peter Marshall, whose broad
resume includes more than 50 television,
movie and Broadway credits, not to men‐
!on a 14‐year s!nt as host of hit TV game
show, The Hollywood Squares.
Marshall made his entrance into show
business as a band singer at the age of 15.
While s!ll a teen, he moved to New York
City where he landed a job as a page in
radio for NBC. Early in his career he joined
forces with Tommy Noonan. The comedy
team appeared in major night clubs, films,
and theatres throughout the country and
made numerous appearances on The Ed
Sullivan Show.
Marshall soon went to London and
starred with Chita Rivera in Bye‐Bye‐Birdie.
His first starring role on Broadway was with
Harris in Skyscraper. In
later years, he appeared in other musicals
including High Bu#on Shoes, Anything Goes,
Music Man, 42nd Street, and Neil Simon's
Rumors. In the 1980s, Peter performed his
role of Georges in over 800 performances of
La Cage Aux Follies, first in the Na!onal
Company and then at the Palace on
Of course, Marshall is best‐known for
hos!ng over 5,000 episodes of the five‐!me
Emmy Award winning game show, Holly‐
wood Squares. With guests including Paul
Lynde, Rose Marie, Charlie Weaver, George
Gobel, Wally Cox, and some of the greatest
entertainers in history, Hollywood Squares
entertained audiences for over 15 years!
Marshall con!nues to
perform in concert and s!ll loves singing
with the Big Bands such as Tex Beneke and
his Orchestra, the Les Brown band, and the
Harry James band. His career has demon‐
strated a versa!lity and flexibility that few
entertainers can match. He's successfully
conquered nearly every genre of entertain‐
ment including stage and screen, movies
and television and radio.
Even with such a remarkable career,
Marshall's easy‐going and humble personal‐
ity remains, which undoubtedly contributes
to his being one of the most well‐liked per‐
sonali!es in the entertainment industry.
Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m.
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Live Cabaret Concert
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