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Cloris Leachman, Bruce Hornsby, Michael Feinstein
and Peter Marshall to help us celebrate 23 years of
the BEST independent films from around the globe!
We are turning 23 this year! And to celebrate, we are throwing our biggest film festival
yet — complete with Cloris Leachman, Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, Michael
Feinstein, Peter Marshall and an award‐winning selection of films from around the
world — plus a few surprises!
This year’s festival lineup promises some of the
most thought‐provoking, inspiring, moving
and truly entertaining independent films in
our history! You will experience the world
without ever leaving your theatre seat!
Highlighting this year’s festival will be a vari‐
ety of concert events and live performances.
Three‐time Grammy‐winner Bruce Hornsby
and his band, the Noisemakers, will usher in
the festival on opening weekend. Five‐time
Grammy‐nominee Michael Feinstein per‐
forms his tribute to Ira Gershwin and the
Great American Songbook in a special concert that celebrates music in the movies.
Emmy Award‐winner Peter Marshall will present his cabaret‐style performance and
concert, and we will have a mid‐week “Broadway break” with a Tribute to Andrew Lloyd
Webber’s Broadway, featuring an award‐winning cast of performers.
We welcome our festival Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Cloris Leachman, as we
celebrate the many roles she has brought to life on the big and small screens. “Cloris on
Comedy” is sure to be unpredictable, outrageous fun as Cloris takes us on an unforgettable
journey and a trip down memory lane of the great comedic moments of her career.
You will share nine full days of extraordinary cinema with filmmakers, celebrity guests and
other passionate cinephiles. You will be challenged, inspired, moved and entertained. This
is the power of independent film.
Immerse yourself in film for our 23rd anniversary. Meet the filmmakers, challenge
yourself to explore new worlds and open your mind to the endless possibilities that
cinema offers.
Here’s to 23 years and counting ... Enjoy!
Patrick Schweiss
Execu!ve Director
The Sedona Interna!onal
Film Fes!val is a yearlong
celebra!on of the power
of independent film and
mul!‐cultural programming
to inspire, educate,
entertain and enlighten.
Photo by Gary Glenn
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