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46 Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val
Our popular “Filmmaker Conversa!ons” series returns to the fes!val’s Mary D. Fisher Theatre. The conversa!ons
and panel discussions will cover a wide range of topics for filmmakers and lovers of film alike. Rub elbows with
industry professionals and award‐winning panelists and get a glimpse behind the scenes and on the other side of
the camera to see what brings films to life on the big screen.
Tuesday, Feb. 21 • 9:00 a.m.
At the Mary D. Fisher Theatre
Inspired by our “Docs That Make a Difference” film series, we are
proud to present a filmmaker discussion that focuses on turning the art
of film into ac"vism and movies into movements through documentary
filmmaking. Filmmakers are making statements, effec"ng lives and
changing the world through thought‐provoking, inspiring docs that
challenge audience members to make a difference through involve‐
ment, ac"vism and mo"va"on. Make a movie, make a difference in this
inspiring conversa"on! The panel will feature fes"val filmmakers.
Wednesday, Feb. 22 • 9:00 a.m.
At the Mary D. Fisher Theatre
Join fes"val filmmakers in an open exchange of ideas, dialogue and
advice for first‐"me producers and directors or seasoned veterans. They
will have a frank and informa"ve conversa"on about what it takes to be
in either posi"on in this ever‐changing world of filmmaking. How do you
get a project off the ground and onto the big screen? How do you assem‐
ble your crew, team and cast? Learn from those who have been in the
trenches, making movies and making a difference. Whether a big block‐
buster or an indie arthouse success, these producers have done it all.
Thursday, Feb. 23 • 9:00 a.m.
At the Mary D. Fisher Theatre
Some of the best films in our fes"val lineup have been directed, pro‐
duced and wri%en by women. We will get the behind‐the‐scenes secrets of
their success in this rive"ng, informa"ve and entertaining workshop. What
challenges do women face in the male‐dominated movie industry? The
"me has come to widen the role of women in the film industry. This discus‐
sion is designed to be an idea exchange to bring visibility, mentoring, net‐
working, and advice on financial support to women filmmakers at our
fes"val — led by the women whose films are featured in our lineup.
Friday, Feb. 24 • 9:00 a.m.
At the Mary D. Fisher Theatre
Film distribu"on op"ons for filmmakers have changed significantly
over the past few years. Ge&ng your film finished is one thing; ge&ng it
into the marketplace and in front of audiences presents a whole new set
of challenges. Some"mes you just have to take ma%ers into your own
hands. New distribu"on op"ons are springing up daily. Stay on top of
what are the current trends in spreading the word about your film. Join
distributors and other fes"val filmmakers — to explore the op"ons out
there and crea"ng a buzz about your film. Get your share of the market!
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