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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 51
Hong Kong | 2016 | 100 min • Narra!ve Feature
Kearen Pang
It’s 2005 and Christy — born and raised in Hong
Kong — is a week away from turning 30. Her job is
stressful, her rela!onship stuck, her parents aging
and annoying.
Joyce — also a week shy of her 30th birthday —
leads a vastly different lifestyle in Hong Kong. She’s
in a dead‐end job and has never been in love. With
her indomitable op!mism she takes off on a trip to
fulfill a childhood dream.
When Christy is suddenly evicted from her apart‐
ment she temporarily moves into Joyce’s while
she’s away. Though the two have never met and
are as different as night and day, Joyce enables
Christy to ‘know’ her in unique and touching ways.
Director Kearen Pang has skillfully adapted her ex‐
tremely successful stage play, graciously opening
her heart to wider audiences in this sensi!ve, upli$‐
ing film.
Sat, Feb 18 | 6pm
Mary D. Fisher
Mon, Feb 20 | 12:10pm
Harkins 2
Total Running Time: 1:40
A"er Spring
USA | 2016 | 101 min • Documentary Feature
Steph Ching, Ellen Mar!nez
Execu!ve Producers:
Jon Stewart, Chris McShane
With the Syrian conflict now in its sixth year, mil‐
lions of people con!nue to be displaced. "A$er
Spring" is the story of what happens next. By fol‐
lowing two refugee families in transi!on and aid
workers figh!ng to keep the camp running, viewers
will experience what it is like to live in Zaatari, the
largest camp for Syrian refugees. With no end in
sight for the conflict or this refugee crisis, everyone
must decide if they can rebuild their lives in a place
that was never meant to be permanent.
Mon, Feb 20 | 3pm
Harkins 1
Thu, Feb 23 | 9:15am
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:41
Aaron’s Blood
USA | 2016 | 80 min • Narra!ve Feature
Tommy Stovall
Marc Sterling, Tommy Stovall
James Mar!nez, Trevor Stovall, Michael
Chieffo, Farah White
Struggling with his new life as a single father, Aaron
copes with his increasingly distant rela!onship with
his only child Tate. Twelve‐year‐old Tate, a !mid
hemophiliac, is small for his age and regularly bul‐
lied at school. Roughed up by his chief bully, Tate
winds up in the hospital suffering a massive nose‐
A$er a blood transfusion and Tate is sent home,
Aaron starts to no!ce peculiar changes in his son.
When he discovers that Tate could be becoming a
vampire, he enlists the help of a local vampire
hunter and embarks on a fran!c search to find the
source of the infec!on to stop the transforma!on
before it’s too late.
Sun, Feb 19 | 9:10pm
Harkins 2
Fri, Feb 24 | 9pm
Mary D. Fisher
Total Running Time: 1:20
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