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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 63
Burn Burn Burn
United Kingdom | 2015 | 106 min • Narra!ve Feature
Chanya Bu"on
Chanya Bu"on, Daniel‐Konrad Cooper,
Tim Phillips
Charlie Covell
Susana Wokoma, Laura Carmichael, Sally
Phillips, Joe Dempsie
Dan is dead. He was only 29. Alex and Seph loved
him like a sibling, and now he’s le$ them his ashes
to sca"er across the UK, along with elaborate video
instruc!ons for doing so. The two girls embark on a
road trip to spread his ashes, taking turns driving.
Dan is in the glove compartment, in Tupperware,
decreasing in volume as the trip progresses. "Burn
Burn Burn" is a dark comedy with warmth at its
heart. It’s much like Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’,
in a Volvo.
"Burn Burn Burn" features many familiar Bri!sh ac‐
tors including Jack Farthing (George
Warleggen/Poldark), Laura Carmichael (Lady
Edith/Downton Abbey) and Jane Asher (Alfie).
Wed, Feb 22 | 9pm
Harkins 1
Sat, Feb 25 | 12pm
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Total Running Time: 1:46
Burns Point
Australia/Canada | 2016 | 95 min • Narra!ve Feature
Tim Blackburn
Execu!ve Producer:
Steve Jaggi
Chris Blackburn
Chris Blackburn
Andrew Lowe, Aleisha Rose‐Groth, Brad
McMurray, Cat Feldman,
When his sister is strangled by her jealous boyfriend,
Jeremy expects swi$ jus!ce to follow. But the killer's
father is a corrupt policeman who rigs the murder trial.
The son walks free, but days later his body is found on
a dark street — and Jeremy is running for his life.
Sun, Feb 19 | 3:20pm
Harkins 6
Wed, Feb 22 | 12:10pm
Harkins 2
Total Running Time: 1:35
Call of the Ice
France | 2015 | 104 min • Documentary Feature
Mike Magidson, Xavier Liberman
Caroline Broussaud, Philippe Molins
Leaving everything behind to live in Greenland as
an Inuit hunter, alone in the heart of the polar win‐
ter, ba"ling with the Arc!c ice pack and its laws.
Mike Magidson, an American‐born film director,
has lived in France for 20 years. Despite being
raised with all the comforts that the modern society
has to offer, constantly connected to his iPhone, he
makes the decision to take on a unique challenge:
a"emp!ng to survive over a period of several
weeks, alone on the ice floe, fishing and hun!ng
like an Inuit.
To embark alone on such a daun!ng adventure, with
so li"le experience, sounds crazy. But Mike knows
exactly where he is going. His des!na!on is Uum‐
mannaq, Greenland, 300 miles north of the Arc!c
Circle, and one of the last places on earth where
dogsleds are s!ll a valid choice of transporta!on. He
is familiar with this part of the world, where he has
already made 3 movies over a period of 15 years. He
has developed strong bonds within the local commu‐
nity, especially with Unartoq, a legendary hunter
who has become his friend and mentor.
This film is the story of a human journey. It is the tale
of a voyage that is as much personal as it is physical.
It is a story about learning, with its failures and pain,
but also its victories in the face of adversity.
Preceded By:
USA | 2016 | 10 min • Documentary Short
Ka!e Stjernholm
At the ripe age of 90, Yvonne has yet to re!re from
her ice ska!ng career. Arguably the world's oldest
ice skater, she is s!ll on the ice five days a week.
Wed, Feb 22 | 3pm
Harkins 1
Sat, Feb 25 | 9:15am
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:54
By Sidney Lumet
USA | 2016 | 103 min • Documentary Feature
Nancy Buirski
Execu!ve Producers:
Bre" Ratner, James Packer,
Michael Kantor, Jack Turner, Bobby Kondrat
Nancy Buirski, Christopher Donnelly,
Sco" Berrie
Film legend Sidney Lumet (1924‐2011) tells his own
story in a never‐before‐seen interview shot in 2008.
With candor, humor and grace, Lumet reveals what
ma"ers to him as an ar!st and as a human being.
The documentary features clips from Lumet’s films
– 44 films made in 50 years – including "Serpico",
"Dog Day A$ernoon", "12 Angry Men", "Network"
and "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead".
Peabody and Emmy Award‐winning filmmaker
Nancy Buirski ("A$ernoon of a Faun", "The Loving
Story") combines these elements to create a por‐
trait of one of the most accomplished, influen!al
and socially conscious directors in the history of cin‐
"By Sydney Lumet" reveals the spiritual and ethical
lessons at the core of his work. First and foremost a
storyteller, Lumet’s strongly moral tales capture the
dilemmas and concerns of a society struggling with
essen!als: how does one behave to others and to
Sat, Feb 18 | 12pm
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Mon, Feb 20 | 6:15pm
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:43
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