23rd Sedona International Film Festival - page 8

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Nov. 30, 1953 ‐ Aug. 7, 2016
It is in loving memory that we dedicate this year’s Sedona Interna"onal Film Fes"val to our dear
friend and mentor Sagan Lewis. Sagan was part of our film fes"val family for more than 6 years and
was a champion of the independent filmmaker. As our Program Director, she worked endless hours
— o#en watching more than a thousand film entries herself — to choose the perfect films for our
savvy Sedona audiences. She challenged us to listen to EVERY independent voice because, as she
used to say "they all have a place in our fes"val". Sagan embarked on a new journey in her life with
her former AND new husband, Tom Fontana, and enjoyed the successes of her son, Jade, who was
her absolute pride and joy. Sagan will live on in our hearts and in our mission to honor the voice of
the independent filmmaker.
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