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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 79
Enlighten Us
USA | 2016 | 93 min • Documentary Feature
Jenny Carchman
Allyson Luchak
“Are you with me?” These are telling words spoken
by James Arthur Ray to filmmaker Jenny Carchman
as the tale of this once‐star mo"va"onal speaker
begins to unfold. His meteoric rise and fall, as well
as his return to the industry following his negligent
homicide convic"on in the deaths of three clients at
a sweat lodge ceremony is more than just a story of
one individual. It’s a story of hope, dreams, trust,
betrayal and the quest for ‘enlightenment.’
The self‐help industry is worth $11 billion dollars a
year. It’s an industry that cap"vates those seeking
happiness, release from suffering and those longing
for a path and a leader to follow. James Arthur Ray
for many who followed him was that leader to
guide his flock. But as the story unfolds, as told by
Ray himself and also by his followers, we learn that
that path was fraught with danger and perhaps
even greater suffering.
Through honest and candid interviews, interwoven
with court footage and news archive, "Enlighten
Us" asks the important ques"ons, “What are we
looking for” and “Who has the answers” and per‐
haps even the simple ques"on “Why?”.
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Kickass Ka!e Lee
USA | 2016 | 10 min • Documentary Short
George Gage, Beth Gage
The story of Ka"e Lee, the 96 year old ac"vist who
opposed the Glen Canyon Dam and has forever
been it's immutable warrior and outspoken foe.
Fri, Feb 24 | 3pm
Harkins 1
Sat, Feb 25 | 12pm
Harkins 1
Total Running Time: 1:43
Facing Darkness
USA | 2016 | 91 min • Documentary Feature
Arthur Rasco
Execu!ve Producers:
Bill Coger, Franklin Graham
Arthur Rasco, Kevin Adamson
In 2014, the deadly Ebola virus spread throughout
west Africa.
Follow the untold story of how a Chris"an relief or‐
ganiza"on tried to help fight the disease faced with
many challenges and having their own staff con‐
tract the virus.
Yet, through this enormous challenge their faith
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United Kingdom | 2016 | 15 min • Narra"ve Short
Marianna Dean
Execu!ve Producers:
Marianna Dean, Zoe
Marianna Dean, Ollie Wa$s
Christopher R. Brown
Dan Lam
A trainee doctor learns more than he expected
when he takes his final exam.
Mon, Feb 20 | 3:20pm
Harkins 6
Wed, Feb 22 | 9:15am
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:46
Everything in the Song
is True
USA | 2016 | 83 min • Documentary Feature
Douglas Morrione
Douglas Morrione, Nicholas Goldfarb
Four iconic cowboys whose music, art and way of
life sustain vital connec"on to the folk culture that
defines the American fron"er.
As modern life con"nues to encroach on the wide
open spaces, their stories take on a new relevance.
Their songs and deeds speak to a powerful connec‐
"on to the land, the animals and a way of life that is
unique to the United States and revered around the
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Path of a Luthier
USA | 2016 | 26 min • Documentary Short
Cliff Sarde
This documentary short film follows the story of the
oldest guitar building school in North America, its
founder and graduates.
Thu, Feb 23 | 3pm
Mary D. Fisher
Sat, Feb 25 | 6pm
Harkins 1
Total Running Time: 1:49
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