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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 91
Spain/France | 2017 | 52 min • Documentary Feature
Denis Delestrac
Karim Samai, Marieke van Den
90% of the goods we consume in the West are man‐
ufactured in far‐off lands and brought to us by ship.
The cargo shipping industry is a key player in world
economy and forms the basis of our very model of
modern civiliza#on; without it, it would be impossi‐
ble to fulfill the ever‐increasing demands of our so‐
cie#es. Yet the func#oning and regula#ons of this
business remain largely obscure to many, and its
hidden costs affect us all.
Due to their size, freight ships no longer fit in tradi‐
#onal city harbours; they have moved out of the
public’s eye, behind barriers and check points.
"Freightened" answers ques#ons such as: Who
pulls the strings in this mul#‐billion dollar business?
To what extent does the industry control our policy
makers? How does it affect the environment above
and below the water‐line? And what’s life like for
modern seafarers?
Taking us on a journey over seas and oceans,
"Freightened" reveals in an audacious inves#ga#on
the many faces of world‐wide freight shipping and
sheds light on the consequences of an all‐but‐visi‐
ble industry.
Showing with:
Grand Unified Theory
Canada | 2016 | 104 min • Narra#ve Feature
David Ray
David Ray, Drew Locke
During one fateful weekend, the family of brilliant
astrophysicist Albert James has a complete melt‐
down, se$ng in mo#on a raucous and hilarious se‐
ries of events that mirror his radical theories of the
behaviour of the universe.
Wed, Feb 22 | 3:15pm
Harkins 5
Thu, Feb 23 | 6:10pm
Harkins 2
Total Running Time: 1:44
Austria | 2015 | 101 min • Documentary Feature
Nina Messinger
What we eat ma%ers a lot more than we might
think. Featuring powerful interviews and personal
stories of well‐known physicians, nutri#onists, be‐
havioral scien#sts, farmers and pa#ents who have
recovered from severe illnesses by changing their
diets, "H.O.P.E." shows not only the personal bene‐
fits of a plant‐based diet, but also the global impact.
This film offers a simple, yet convincing solu#on to
many of our most pressing societal challenges —
one that is not far away but right in front of us on
our plates: altering our ea#ng habits and le$ng go
of animal products can bring our own health and
the future of our planet back into balance.
Sun, Feb 19 | 9pm
Mary D. Fisher
Tue, Feb 21 | 9:15am
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:41
Sonic Sea
USA | 2016 | 56 min • Documentary Feature
Michelle Dougherty, Daniel
Mark Monroe
Oceans are a sonic symphony. Sound is essen#al to
the survival and prosperity of marine life. But man‐
made ocean noise is threatening this fragile world.
"Sonic Sea" is about protec#ng life in our waters
from the destruc#ve effects of oceanic noise pollu‐
The film begins with a mystery: the unexplained
stranding and mass mortality of several species of
whales in the Bahamas in March 2000. As the mys‐
tery unfolds, the film explores the cri#cal role of
sound in the sea, and the sudden, drama#c changes
human ac#vity is inflic#ng on the ocean's delicate
acous#c habitat — changes that threaten the ability
of whales and other marine animals to prosper, to
func#on, and ul#mately, to survive.
“Sonic Sea” features several charisma#c scien#sts,
including Ken Balcomb, the former Navy pilot and
acous#cs expert who proved to the world that
naval sonar is killing whales, as well as the musician
and environmental ac#vist, S#ng, whose moving in‐
terview connects the sonic world of marine life with
our sonic world on land.
The film offers solu#ons (and, by extension, hope)
for a quieter ocean, and underscores that the
ocean's des#ny is inextricably bound with our own.
Tue, Feb 21 | 3pm
Harkins 1
Thu, Feb 23 | 9:20am
Harkins 6
Total Running Time: 1:48
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