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Sedona Interna!onal Film Fes!val 95
The Great Transmission
USA | 2016 | 55 min • Documentary Feature
Pema Gellek
Barry Schieber
Julia Witwer
What does it take to keep ancient knowledge alive?
Tibetan culture has deep roots, but the turmoil of
the 20th century has le! its vast text tradi"on in
This is a story of an historic act of cultural preserva‐
"on, chronicling one refugee lama's lifelong efforts
to preserve, print and return to his people, the
sacred books that are their precious heritage. His
work unfolds against the backdrop of a centuries‐long
transmission, across con"nents and genera"ons, up‐
holding a legacy of transforma"ve knowledge that
dates back to the "me of the Buddha.
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A Children’s Song
USA | 2016 | 27 min • Narra"ve Short
Shayna Cohen
Sid Ganis, Jane Wu
Jane Wu, Dana Stern, Adam Chernick, Viviann
Yee, Lee Lawrence
The year is 1937. Alfred, a young German Jewish boy,
and his father flee from Germany during the out‐
break of WWII, finding a haven in Shanghai ‐ the last
port of refuge. When Alfred's father becomes sick,
they are taken in by a local Chinese doctor and his
family. Alone, scared and lost in this foreign world,
Alfred befriends the doctor’s daughter, Meizhen,
who shows him a glimmer of hope through music
and play during the darkest of "mes. Their short
friendship is broken apart when Alfred and his father
must relocate and he never sees her again.
Cut to present day when Alfred's granddaughter
meets a young female Chinese student during a
music scholarship compe""on who performs an
“original song”, the same song Alfred’s granddaugh‐
ter grew up with. Determined to prove their respec‐
"ve family's ownership, the girls soon uncover the
long lost true story of the song’s origins, a story of
salva"on for over 20,000+ Jews from 1937‐1941 in
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Halfway to Zen
USA | 2016 | 96 min • Narra"ve Feature
Toby Poser, John Adams
Robert Lund, Zelda Adams
A!er release from prison, Nick is flipping burgers
and trying to walk a straight line. He takes care of
his father, Pop, who's forgo%en what a terrible dad
he once was. His demen"a is escala"ng faster than
the trains that pass through their small American
All Nick has is memories — beau"ful, painful and
discolored with violence. But Nick is given a shot at
making new ones with Edie, the 11 year‐old daugh‐
ter he lost a decade ago — only Edie is now Eddie,
insis"ng she's a boy, and she’s come with her
mother, Vick, who's got her own problems — not
least of which is Nick.
It's a ragtag team of bulletproof misfits, each hop‐
ing to shed the past and grow new skin. The road
to peace is rugged, though, and the map is all
wrong. But the first step will get you halfway there.
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Head Above Water
USA | 2016 | 10 min • Narra"ve Short
Eric Shahinian
Yimei Maya Huang
Chiz Schultz, Eileen Miller, Anne‐Marie
Agbodji, Jose Ramos, Stephen Corey Melton, Alecia
Hurst, Rose Hamish
A devoted husband is forced to confront his doubts
about remaining the caretaker of his wife suffering
from Alzheimer's disease.
Mon, Feb 20 | 3pm
Sedona Performing Arts Center
Thu, Feb 23 | 12:20pm
Harkins 6
Total Running Time: 1:46
Tea in the Land of Thunder:
Field Notes fromDarjeeling
USA | 2016 | 16 min • Documentary Short
Donald Harrison
Last summer, Jeremy Lopa"n, an American im‐
porter of organic tea, visited the Makaibari Tea Es‐
tate in Darjeeling, India, to get a firsthand look at
how top‐notch Darjeeling teas are made. This short
film takes the viewer on an adventure to explore
the beau"ful people, places, and processes behind
the crea"on of organic Darjeeling teas in 'the land
of thunder'.
Sun, Feb 19 | 9am
Harkins 1
Mon, Feb 20 | 3:15pm
Harkins 5
Total Running Time: 1:38
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